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Comment to see all the REALLY good stuff. Ok, so it's not that great, in fact, I'm kind of boring. But eh.


I admit it, my secret was that I am getting the set, a Narae and Narin...

My Narin came TODAY! After winning a 100$ gift card to my twins favourite art store (Gave it to her, won it for her.) WHAT LUCK!!!

So I have many pictures for you.. I am sorry about his looks and clothes, they are all temporary. You see, I swore to my twin if she let me buy him, because I'd just bought the Narae, I would sew one garment a night for my dolls. So I havent gotten to him yet, he is wearing handmedowns right now. Also, forgive the crap pictures, I cant find my SLR and my small cam is out of battery, I assure you I will take more tomorrow.

Name: Toshio
Age: 18
Will make up some other stuff, so much creative freedom here!

More pics of Toshio!Collapse )
Current setup, him and mags

Speaking of Magdalena, it was her I chose to sew for. I spent the night before last tediously enlarging and scanning and taping and cutting a historical gown for her. It is so gorgeous. So today I sewed the mockup:
Cut, poor pics, will take more tomorrow.Collapse )


These overlay ads on Livejournal are RIDICULOUS. PLZ.

Also ridiculous is the girl I bought a very special doll from. First she said she'd ship it monday. On Tuesday she claimed her boyfriend shipped it wrong, it came back to her, and she will ship it on Saturday. Why she cant ship during the weekday is beyond me, but Im sure Saturday I will hear another excuse. If the doll isnt here before 30 days I am filing a claim. Its been almost 9.

In other news I also purchased another doll from a lady who will be shipping him TONIGHT. I trust her. SO EXCITEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

That is all.

Back from the dead

I have a really exciting secret that I must post that I have.

I will try and post more and have an awesome blog.

Havent posted in a while

No inspiration to post, doing fine re-adapted easily to polyphasic, before the week was up I was back on track.

Love my dolls. Cant wait to begin my epic story.

One last post

Dollfair International, middleman for Narindolls, Limhwa, Batchix, Enchantment doll, Supia, N-Doll, and Atelier Nouveau are the WORST company to buy from of all time.

DO NOT waste your time or your money with them. By the time they finally ship you shit you have a bad taste in your mouth, dont even want a damn THEY ARE LIARS.

I dont give a damn about waiting 6 months for my precious 16 of a kind doll, what I do have a problem with is when they CONSTANTLY LIE and attempt to use manipulative language about it.

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Limhwa Shipping Update

Dear Friends,
The update from Limhwa is that she should be shipping this coming weekend. When we receive the tracking information next week, we will send out individual emails. Thank you for your patience 
Your, Joan
p.s. That also means the next ordering period should be opening next week! 


And then, even though we were BEGGING FOR IT


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Dear Friends,
We do apologize for causing any anxiety. While Limhwa is shipping in batches, maybe she will do the big boys last. They are really overwhelming to wrap and ship so please try not to worry. Again, we are sorry for the delay and appreciate your patience. 

And then LO AND BEHOLD, at our insistence 

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In our shipping lists, some people had special requests regarding vacation, invoices for customs, etc. We are more than happy to be accommodating. They were out of the ordinary for Limhwa. She wanted to double-check that information with us and the translator. You can understand how important that is. We will receive tracking numbers some time this week. I'm sorry we don't have more information. Thank you for your continued patience. 
Joan, Customer Service

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So in other words the initial belief that they were being sent out last weekend was wrong, there has been a delay? Can you please be up front about that? So there was a delay to double check with the translator? Can you please verify. I think it's wiser to just say "There's been a delay" I am sure 80% of us would deeply appreciate honesty instead of being given a verbal runaround.

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 Dollfair is the world's worst middleman seller. They are outrageously slow, with horrible communication, LIES about their wait time. I DESPISE THEM. Actually, I always have. I wish they would go under so that Narin and Limhwa would be encouraged to make international ordering pages of their own, DIRECT. 

Dollfair is disgusting and stupid.

I was really looking forward to my doll, but after week 8 which is the final week they say at the LATEST he would be here, I didnt even want him anymore. There are only a few pics of him on the net, so its not like I could pour over them a hundred times. Now it's week 10 and I just want my goddamn doll. I paid sevenhundredfuckingdollars for this doll. That is a new SLR, a scooter, 700 meals at taco bell.


Im had!

I am thoroughly distracted from sleep by facebook and the discovery of bulgarian pop music.


 This is a to-do list for when I am bored:

- Re-write resume
- Submit resume to 130 job openings
- Finish portfolio website
- Pull out interview clothes in anticipation
- Clean the bathroom
- Clean the living room
- Mop the floor
- Find a tshirt pattern for Aya
- Make a tshirt for Aya
- Finish Mar's Jeans
- Work out
- Finish Chapter 3 CSS
- Finish Chapter 4 CSS
- Finish ending chapter
- Start Javascript 1
- That's all I can think of right now.